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21st April 2007 - 28th May 2007

People are my main source of inspiration. Their faces, the movement of their bodies; the way that the slightest most subtle shift conveys a depth of feeling of which they are mostly unaware. I am compelled by the erratic, unpredictable moments in life; what it means to be human. It is the moments in between action, the point of transition; the moment of ambiguity of purpose where someone weeping can erupt into laughter or vice versa, that I aim to capture.

An element in art, chiaroscuro (Italian for clear-dark) is defined as a bold contrast between light and dark. It originated in the Renaissance and originally described a technique where an artist worked from a base tone toward the light and dark with a variety of materials including watercolour. I experimented with the concept by limiting myself to single colour against the dark. The colours I selected to enhance and amplify the potential emotions of the subjects to allow the audience to claim their own experience from the pieces.

My work is a permutation of organic human emotion, colour and chiaroscuro. I utilise this amalgamation [in my work] as a vehicle for emotive expression, an amplification of the transition of emotion to body language.

Stephnie Wilton


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Friday, January 19, 2007

Columbine, 45cmx60cm

This is one of the first portrait pieces I have attempted without the aid of a model. Columbine came out of my love of famous women. Not Angelina, Jennifer, Oprah or anything like that, but famous women from history and legend and myth. The Columbine was from the Italian Commedia dell'arte theatre, and was one of the first women characters to be allowed on stage. Columbine is special to me for the fact that she brings out my creative side. She looks at me from the wall and seems to say, "Come on! Get some art happening!" Interested? Make me an offer on the comments board!-SJ

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